Data Protection

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Sharing Information

As your child’s counsellor I adhere to current legislation by ensuring all their Personal and Special Categories Information including: case notes, printed emails, letters, reports and referral documents, will not be shared without first obtaining their/your explicit consent, unless I am subpoenaed by a court of law.    


Storage of Information

All their Personal and Special Categories Information will be stored in a locked filing cabinet. I am the only person who will have access to this information. However, in the event of my unfortunate demise I have a Living Will where an appropriate person, who has been appointed as my Contingency Counsellor, would take ownership of their Personal and Special Categories Information. If this comes into force they would notify you accordingly and would manage the safe storage and destruction of their information as per this agreement.    


All their Personal and Special Categories Information will be retained within a locked filing cabinet for a period of seven years after closure of the counselling contract/after they reach 18 years, whichever comes later. After this time period their information will be destroyed safely and securely with the use of a double cross shredder.

Electronic Records

Any electronic records and information such as emails will be kept for a period of seven years after closure of our counselling contract after which all your electronic information will be deleted.

Text Messages

Your/their contact details will be added into my work mobile phone for the duration of your counselling sessions and will be deleted 3 months after the contact has been closed.  All text messages that you send directly to my mobile number will be deleted from my mobile device within 3 months.


Client’s Rights

The Personal and Special Categories Information I retain about your child under GDPR needs to be accurate and kept up to date. Should any of your/their information be incorrect or require amending please notify me as soon as possible and I will amend and update your/their information accordingly. You have the right at any time to revoke your consent and for their information to be erased/destroyed at any time.  I am duty bound to ensure I abide by your request unless there is any other residing legislation preventing me from doing so at the time.


Subject Access Request

You/they have the right to access and request copies of any Personal or Special Categories Information that I currently retain about them. Should you require a copy of this information you can request this verbally or in writing to me and I will respond within 30 days of your request.


Breach of Confidentiality

If for any reason you feel that I have breached their confidentiality, then in the first instance you are encouraged to discuss this with me first before taking any action. If you are unhappy with my response you can write to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) on 0303 123 1113.